what are clients saying?

"Meeting Amy has changed my life. I was always tired and my body was sore. After only a few visits to Amy I was able to feel a difference. Amy is open and honest and I trust her 100%. I would highly recommend her to everyone who wants to live their best life. Thank you Amy!"

“As a home based business Rivers Edge Wellness is a bright, welcoming and relaxed space where clients feel supported and at home no matter what service they are receiving. Thank you Amy."

“Amy, the owner of River’s Edge Wellness, is amazing! My immune system was very run down from stress and I was getting sick at least once a month. I started going to Amy and she has worked wonders for me! She offers a variety of treatments including body scans, muscle testing, detoxing, resonance and supplements. Amy helps you decide what is best for you and your body. I feel great and now a lot of my family and friends go as well with great results! I can’t recommend River’s Edge Wellness enough! Thank you Amy!”

"My time spent with Amy at River’s Edge Wellness was resoundingly positive and supportive of my journey. I was initially a little unsure what to expect, but I was at a point in my health journey where I was out of options and I had already heard amazing things from family and friends that had previously started their journey with Amy. Getting motivation to walk through her door and try just one more time to help myself, was by far the best decision I could have made for myself. Not only did Amy put me immediately at ease with her kind and caring nature, but her skills and readings seems to encompass a lot – if not all – of my previous struggles with my health issues that doctors were at a loss to help with or even care about. I have in the past often felt that my problems were ignored and didn’t really matter, but with Amy, she always showed concern for even the smallest change and detail. To her everything is significant in the path to a healthy happy life. When something wasn’t working, or I wasn’t perfect in my efforts, there was no rebuke, just encouragement to keep pushing forward. I felt hope for the first time in a very long time. After beginning with Amy’s recommendations, it didn’t take long to start feeling better than I ever remember feeling before. I can’t say enough to encompass how much Amy helped me and I just wish I had found her sooner. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone going to see Amy at River’s Edge Wellness. Thank you Amy!!"

"I have been extremely allergic to cats my entire life. My eyes would swell, nose run, face and hands would get itchy, just from walking into a home with a cat my chest would get tight and I would start sneezing. Amy did a few sessions with cat hair directly on her BER device and never in my life did I think I could be around cats! I can have them sit on my lap and even pet them and I do not react at all! I can’t thank Amy enough!!"

“I have been a client of Amy's for almost 4 years now and am very grateful that we were introduced. She has played a big role in my healing journey (and the healing of our pets). Amy is a dedicated and committed herbalist who cares deeply about helping her clients achieve optimal health. She is an extremely knowledgeable, skilled and gifted practitioner. I am dedicated to several of the excellent Nature's Sunshine products that Amy has recommended during her consults.”

"Recently I started to see Amy for BER therapy. I developed a skin allergy early this year and wasn't able to clear it up after trying a number of different protocols. During the first treatment Amy was able to determine what she felt was causing the allergy and then she began the treatments to resonate my body to it. After several sessions the skin allergy has significantly improved and I am very pleased with the progress. Thank you so much for all that you do Amy! You are an Earth Angel."

“I was in a serious motorcycle accident several years ago. One of the ongoing issues I deal with daily is how sensitive I am to indoor lighting. Amy knowing about this severe sensitivity, suggested I do a Bio-Energetic Resonance on radiations specifically lighting. After my second session, I can honestly say I feel at least a 50% improvement. Thank you so much Amy!”

“For as long as I can remember my nails have always been unbelievably weak and constantly peeled. I could push on the tip of my nails and they would bend down and they would break or tear weekly. Amy recommended I try Nature’s Sunshine Hair Skin & Nails supplement and after a month or so all I can say is wow wow wow! My nails have never been so strong and hard, I can’t bend them and they don’t break and tear! I give this product a 10/10 and highly recommend! Thank you so much Amy!”